Esports Betting

Online gambling is quite a huge industry. We are all used to the popular casino games, slots, table games, bingo, and poker games. However, thanks to technology advancement, the sports betting industry has expanded to include electronic sports dubbed as eSports.

In this review, we offer you an overview of what eSports are and what’s important for the sites that provide this kind of gambling genre. 

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What are eSports?

As stated earlier, eSports means- Electronic Sports. In simple terms, eSports is a form of competitive video gaming, where players from different leagues can play against each other on console or PCs. One, for eSports to work there, has to be multiple player titles. Gamers also have the opportunity to come up with new matches to play against other players either in online or offline form.

Another thing to note about eSports is that the games are required to include a spectator mode- this allows electronic sports fanatics to view and follow the action. Other important aspects required for eSports games to function are match-making systems- which enable different players with the same skill level to play against each other. The last element is a competitive design- this is the general overview of the games’ layout, balance, and competitiveness level.

ESports have been widely accepted by online gamblers and professional gamers across the globe. Due to their nature, there are only a handful of developers who are known to produce the best eSports games in this industry. Some include Valve Corporation, Riot Games, Wargaming, and Hi-Rez Studios, among others.

What makes a game an Electronic Sports (eSports)?

I think it’s fair to say that the iGaming industry is saturated. With software developers always coming with new content to feed this ever-growing industry, players find it hard to choose which games to play at an online casino. However, with Electronic Sports, it’s different. Not all games qualify to be an eSport. Here we will look at three elements that make a game an eSport.


The popularity of an eSports game is important. Making an Electronic Sport known in the iGaming industry is quite hard. You can play any game, be an expert in it, but if you have no following or spectators to watch, then the game cannot be categorized as an eSport. 

Therefore, for a game to be an eSport, it has to gradually attract and build up a fan base for it to be competitive. That’s not all. The game also has to have heavily invested fans who want to watch and keep up with the different teams and gamers. Getting this combination can be hard. That’s why the list if eSports games is not that extensive.

Viewing experience

For a game to become popular, it has to be enjoyable for the viewers. After all, the game has to be attractive for players to keep watching the match. Few things that make an eSport engaging and enjoyable are game clarity, fast-paced gameplay, and clear animations and visuals. It’s hard for games to have all these qualities. For this reason, many games don’t qualify to become competitive.

Skrill expression 

In general, games are meant to be for fun. However, for a game to be an eSport players have to develop their skills and become pro-gamers. This will go a long way to making the game popular because fans will tune in to see the players’ gameplay.

ESports, also have a way of ensuring that ‘good gamers’ can differentiate themselves from not ‘so good’ players. This makes it easy for you to know what skills to improve on and how to defeat your opponents. Although this does not seem to be advantageous to players who are not good, it’s a vital aspect of making a game a successful eSport.

Some of the most popular eSports games are:

  • Dota 2
  • Call of Duty
  • Fortnite
  • FIFA
  • League of Legends
  • Counter Strike – Global Offensive 

Types of bets to place when playing eSports

ESports have different types of bets. Let us now look at the top five:

  • Match winner– this is known to be the simplest form of eSports betting. You can choose to wager on a prediction on which player will win or make a last-minute bet on the final round of the game. Note: you can make a match-winner bet before the eSport event starts.
  • Specialists bets– just like the name suggest, with eSports specialists bets, you have a chance to wager on a specific/certain event that will occur during the game. For example, if a player will earn 10 skills.
  • Handicap betting– this type of betting is similar to the traditional sports betting. In simple terms, a team will be given a positive handicap- if a team is lower ranked, or a negative handicap team- for a higher-ranked team. For a positive handicap to win, the team has to lose, draw, or win by less than the handicap figure and vice versa. 
  • In-play- in simple terms, in-play are bets that you can place when the game has already started. In regular sports betting, it’s known as live bets.
  • Outright– in eSports, outright bets mean that you can wager on the results of an event rather than the outcome of a single match.

ESports betting odds

In online betting, odds are defined as a chance/probability of an event occurring. There are several ways that you can use to bet on eSports games. Unlike the traditional sports betting, eSports have two types of betting odds- a money line and a point spread. Now let us break them down. Note: a money line will only be offered if an eSport game will likely be decided by a minimal point margin.

What does an eSport money line mean?

When it comes to eSports, a money line is used to simply predict a winner. The handicap bet depends on the amount that you, as a player, will lay or the multiple bet that you will win. To explain this better, let us look at this example. 

A negative favorite will be listed with fixed American odds. The negative sign simply shows the amount of money that you are required to wager to win $100. Therefore, if you wager $200 for a -200 favorite and you win, you will receive a total of $300.

What does an eSport point spread mean?

In simple terms, a point spread is a handicap point or an advantage given to you by the eSportsbook. For example, if there is a point spread of -1.5, it means that a favorite has to win by two extra points to cover /have his betting money. Therefore, a win by a single point will be awarded to the underdog because of the half point.

Strategies/tips for eSports betting

Just like other games in the online gaming industry, knowing one or two tips on how to bet will help you win big with eSports games. Let us now look at some of the strategies you can use to help you win. 

Select the best eSports bookmaker

Choosing the best eSports bookmaker should be easy. You just have to check out for the unique features that make the site suitable for you. For example, you should look out for the games on offer and the types of bets available. If you already have an eSports bookmaker that does not fully offer you what you want, why not switch to another site!

Make Google, your friend. 

If you are a new gamer, Google should be your go-to friend when it comes to eSports. There are loads of helpful materials like team stats, eSports sites’ reviews, and eSports news, among others. You can also find out the different ways of making your wager to be profitable by learning how and when to place a bet on your favorite eSports game.

Choose your preferred betting system.

As discussed earlier, there are several types of bets in eSports. If you are a new player, you should choose wisely the betting system that works for you, in order to win big with eSports betting.  

Don’t wager on major tournaments only. 

If you want to make some easy money, we advise you to bet on minor tournaments and standalone tournaments. In eSports, these side tournaments are known to have the best winning chances.

Other eSports betting strategies to use to maximize your chances of winning are:

  • Understand the game
  • Know the players’ form
  • Wager objectively 
  • Keep track of your results

How we review the best eSports betting sites

ESports betting has become a lucrative business in the iGaming industry; for this reason, some of the famous sportsbook sites are now offering these games across their platforms. Finding the best eSports site can be a hustle, especially if you are a new punter. We have summed up some of the ways you can be able to find the best eSports site that will make your experience worthwhile.

User security

The first thing every online gambler needs is a safe gaming environment. Therefore, when you are looking to start your eSports gambling journey, always make sure to check if the site is legit and licensed. The best eSports sites hold gaming licenses from reputable commissions like the UK Gambling Commission. However, you should note that eSports betting is not available in every gaming jurisdiction. Therefore, you should do a proper research before starting your eSports betting journey.

Games on offer

Although eSports is different from the usual casino games, an online casino that offers a variety of Electronic Sports titles is given a higher rate among eSports fanatics. Also, if you just want to try out the common casino games, you should be able to do that on the same platform without having to switch accounts. 

ESports promotions on offer

The best eSports sites offer new players a welcome incentive when you sign up for an account. This welcome bonus usually depends on individual casinos, and they each have specific terms. For example, you will be required to make a minimum deposit to claim your bonus, or you have to meet the set wagering terms before you can make your withdrawals. 

Mobile-friendly platform

When rating eSports sites, we also look at their mobile platforms. The best sites have a mobile-friendly platform that is accessible via Android and IOS devices. Although there has not been a specific eSports mobile app on either Google Play Store or Apple Store, the usual sportsbook offering site like Betway usually has a mobile app.

Customer support options

At every eSports offering site, customers must come first. For this reason, you should always lookout for the support options available at your preferred eSports site. The common customer support methods are live chat, email, and phone. Also, make sure to check out the response time of each of these methods before settling on a specific eSports site.

Banking methods available

There are a number of banking options available for online gambling. The best eSports sites should offer a plethora of methods to make your experience more fun. Some of the recommended eSports banking options are Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, Bank Transfer, and PaySafeCard, among others. You should also check out the withdrawal processing time of each method before settling for one.

What is the difference between eSportsbooks and the common sportsbooks?

There is no much difference between the two, but traditional sportsbooks are usually more established compared to eSportsbooks. This is because sportsbook betting is widely accepted and legalized in many countries across the globe, while eSports betting is only limited to some countries. For example, in the United States, eSports betting is not acknowledged as a legal gambling sport in some states, while in the UK, it is widely accepted. 


Over the years, eSports betting has become one of the most lucrative online betting genres. Although eSports games are not many, gamblers have grown fond of this sports genre and hence its popularity. Therefore, if you are a potential gambler looking to start your Electronic Sports betting journey, sign up for an account at any of our recommended eSports betting sites today!